It’s a website that takes forever to load and sometimes takes trying twice to reload it for it to work
this website was put together by my ex partner
Who I am
Learning to be flexible & live without
Which even after 10 months or so
Is hard
I miss him a lot

But as I started hormone replacement therapy we moved the contents of our apartment into the gallery
And I even produced more things for our home
That would act as part of our life together but also apart of the show/performance

The show changed everyday because we slept in the gallery when the gallery wasn’t open
There was a blue yellow and green macaw that greeted visitors at the opening
We had sex ate food smoked weed read books played with our dog Spider-Man during the closed hours of the gallery
She would run wild move things and leave her toys in all different places
Dirty clothes would be left in the green baskets
And always the next day was left with the remnants
That’s why I titled it green ghosts
I had been making this green series of blue+yellow=green objects for years and for most of our relationship down to our clothes
As much as possible fit this color scheme
As a series of pieces / a performance

It’s painful to even look at this website but I think it fits this flexibility idea quite well
And documents the changes that took place quite well
Including one day moving all the sculptures from one side of the room so I could place
Two estrogen pills on the wall
And my ex partner wrote a text about the estrogen pills

Here’s the show before we started sleeping there:

Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo), 2019