15.05.2012 (17:00)

I was badly spoken to by the owner of the store. I was demeaned, hurt. Offended, not to mention
[called a] clown, in front of two dozen of people + or – . I didn’t like this, which is why I’m
voicing my distaste here. I ask for help. Thank you.


31.08.2013 (15:50)

Refusal to exchange items bought on the day before. The employee doesn’t speak Portuguese.
Neither the complaints’ book nor the panel within the book has the address of ASAE*.

[The shop] does not have an illuminated exit sign. It is missing an emergency exit floor-plan.

They are not giving printed receipts to the customers.

Fire extinguishers are expired.

*ASAE – Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica [Economic and Food Safety Authority]


18.12.2014 (18:10)

My payment was not accepted, because my banknote was suspected to be fake.

I tried to pay with a €500 banknote, because I had just arrived from Switzerland so I didn’t have
smaller bills, but the employee said only the owner takes payment in larger bills.

I asked for a machine to scan the banknote and he said they didn’t have one.


26.06.2015 (11:34)

Every time I come to this shop the staff is always arrogant and mistreats customers. This store
does not have decent employees. I will certify whether this shop is legal and I will never come back again.


15.06.2019 (18:04)

On 12-6-2019 I came to this store and bought a wristwatch. After 3 days (today) 15th of 6.2019,
the lens broke with only a light knock against the sink while I was sorting out the dishes. I came to
the shop and they won’t exchange it saying that it’s not their fault.